Key West Catch Up

Hey there! It’s been a while! Let’s get y’all caught up on what the hack we’ve been up to the past few months! Matt & a friend started a bike rental company called Iguana Bikes and placed them at the hotel he’s working at as the Chief Engineer. Guests can rent them right at the

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Conch Livin’

Oh, hey there! Remember us? The crazy couple who quit their jobs, bought a boat and sailed away into the sunset? Yeah, we’re still here. I know…. it’s been forever since I last posted. Forever being almost two months. Eek. What a slacker. I used to freak out about not posting at least once a

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Foxfire Gets Sold

Well, after just over ONE MONTH of being on the market, we have a buyer for Foxfire. We honestly can’t believe it happened so quickly. Probably should have listed it for more! Ha! As excited as we are about the next part of our life as Key West-ers, we’re having a much harder time than

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Key West-ers

We’ve officially been living in Key West for one week now, and we haven’t gotten lost in the 24-7 nightlife of Duval Street or attacked by any of the many lizards and chickens roaming the island. Matt’s even found himself a job. I’d consider that a successful first week, wouldn’t you? But what a week

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