Top Holiday Gifts For Boaters

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'Tis the Season! It's that time of year again and we've rounded up our top gift picks for the favorite boater in your life. Or for YOU, because, why not? Please note that we're not being compensated for promoting any of these items - they're just really neat things that we like! Inflatable Life

Full Circle

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Lots of changes have been happening in the past month for team Sansbury! The biggest being that we’ve returned home from Key West and are living in Annapolis again! Wait… What?!We get it… February probably isn’t the most ideal time to leave a tropical paradise and take up residency in an area that just got

Party Of Three

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Welcome, Bimini. Named after one of our favorite islands in the Exumas, she entered our lives and filled it instantly. She’s the fresh start that we’d been searching for since we moved to Key West almost a year ago. But boy, did we forget about the puppy stage! The razor sharp teeth and new

Conch Livin’

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Oh, hey there! Remember us? The crazy couple who quit their jobs, bought a boat and sailed away into the sunset? Yeah, we’re still here. I know…. it’s been forever since I last posted. Forever being almost two months. Eek. What a slacker. I used to freak out about not posting at least once

Key West-ers

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We’ve officially been living in Key West for one week now, and we haven’t gotten lost in the 24-7 nightlife of Duval Street or attacked by any of the many lizards and chickens roaming the island. Matt’s even found himself a job. I’d consider that a successful first week, wouldn’t you?But what a week it’s

New Beginnings

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Only a few days left back here in Maryland before we return to Florida and begin our next adventure…. one that involves a certain salty piece of land that we absolutely fell in love with early on in our travels. Yep, we’re moving to Key West to settle down for a few years until

Home For A Holiday

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We’re about to wrap up a whirlwind two week trip home, visiting family and friends that we haven’t seen since October. I really can’t believe it’s been six months already… feels like we just left. Damn, time flies. And while we’ve been gone, nothing – absolutely nothing – has really changed. I’m not sure

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