Mahi Time!

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Caught a fish yesterday! Matt proved that, in fact, he is NOT a Jonah. We’re pretty excited because it’s our first edible fish aboard Foxfire! Our past two catches were a Craville Jack and a big ol’ Barracuda. Both duds. So, this catch was a pretty big deal! After loosing one hit earlier in

Bimini, Bahamas

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After recovering from our exciting Gulf Stream crossing (re: sleeping our first day away), we set off to explore this tiny speck of land that hails itself as the ‘Island in the Steam’. The first thing we noticed was the color of the water. Key West was more green/teal, where this is more aqua/turquoise.

Bye Bye, Bikes!

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We got a nice little surprise this morning as we headed into town for breakfast and found that BOTH our bikes had been stolen. They were locked up together on the bike rack right here at the marina too. It must have happened sometime between Sunday night and early this morning, and whoever took

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